Auto Service Area Productivity – Heating on cold days

Rob K, franchise owner at Bridgestone Select Magill understands the importance of looking after his people.  This is not just from a feel good perspective, but more so from a practical hard business perspective.  He knows that when it gets cold, productivity in his Auto Service area suffers – staff spend time trying to keep Continue Reading

Types of infrared used for outdoor heaters

There is a lot of confusion with the word “infrared” when it comes to outdoor heaters.  Many companies claim to have infrared heaters, but did you know that there are 3 types – long wave (or far infrared), medium wave, and short wave (or near infrared).  All have their uses but we believe that short Continue Reading

What’s New in Heating at SBH Solutions 2018

At this time of year we like to present some of our products that we feel will be of interest to customers.  We are excited about the Heliosa short wave infrared heating – truly efficient heating that gives over 92% radiant efficiency which when combined with patented parabolic reflectors gives world beating heating areas for Continue Reading