SBH Solutions adds Short-Wave Infrared Heaters to its Heating Range


SBH Solutions has teamed up with renowned infra-red heater Italian manufacturer Star Progetti to introduce the widest range of short-wave infra-red heaters available in Australia.  We have selected three ranges that we are very excited about. Firstly, the Titan Super Power range which is designed for heating warehouses and factories; secondly, the EH Safety Glass range which is for use in process spot heating or in dusty conditions; and thirdly, the stylish Heliosa Amber range suitable for use in the hospitality industry.  The real beauty of short-wave infra-red heating is that it gives immediate heat and very focused heat, and does not waste energy heating the air in between.  So for instance, a factory can stay cold except where personnel are working, and an outdoor seating area can be warmed while the rest of a beer garden remains unheated.  Short-wave infra-red achieves full heat within a second.

Marketing will focus on the tag line INSTANT COMFORT, WHERE IT’S NEEDED! to describe the difference between Star Progetti’s short-wave infra-red and much of the medium and long-wave infra-red on the market.  Further posts will show case the different ranges available.  For more information follow this link 

short-wave infra-red heater

Instant Comfort, where it’s needed from short-wave infra-red