EcoCooling – Using Nature to Reduce Energy Intensity

Have you wondered about how we are going to be able to cope with the energy demands of a developed world with 9 billion people on it? We must find ways to reduce our use of energy, improve efficiency – reducing the total amount we each need. The benefits are not just a better, less polluted world, but a reduction in cost of doing business.

At SBH Solutions we have long considered how to reduce environmental impact in transport, storage and process heating. We now introduce another area to our business – the use of Nature to show us how to help ourselves use less electricity. Nothing new, just re-learning old knowledge. We call this ‘EcoCooling’ because our aim is to introduce businesses and individuals to simple cost effective ways in which they can reduce energy usage.

EcoMESH is a means to reduce the workload on air conditioners combining evaporative/adiabatic cooling with modern electronics and technical fabrics. Savings of 30 – 40% in energy use can be made, with payback within a couple of cooling seasons and a lot stress on you and your system!

OZmist is a misting solution that cools your alfresco or factory area when it gets too hot for your customers and staff.

FlatIce is a Phase Change Material (PCM) block that can be manufactured to solidify at a set temperature. It can charge itself at night and then can release the stored energy to assist with maintenance of temperature during the daily peak (day). When a number are used together they can significantly assist with heat load reduction for virtually no cost on a repeatable basis.

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