OZmist – Cooling solutions for hot summers

OZmist is Australia’s leading misting solutions manufacturer with over seventeen years of experience. OZmist’s high pressure misting solutions instantly cool your surroundings using the flash evaporation principle.

In flash evaporation, when a liquid under high pressure is introduced in a low-pressure environment through a throttling valve or device, the liquid undergoes partial evaporation. This evaporation absorbs heat from the environment which results in a reduction in ambient temperature.  The liquid used by OZmist is water which provides safe cooling of patrons and staff within hospitality venues or manufacturing facilities.

OZmist provides 2 types of misting solutions, one based on high pressure misting and the other low-pressure misting.

  1. High pressure: High-pressure misting systems come in two options. Static line mist kits come with nozzles set into stainless-steel tubes, or with misting fans.  A high-pressure pump creates fine droplets for flash evaporation to work its magic.
  2. Low pressure: The PatioMist fan does not require a high-pressure pump to create a fine mist. Instead, it uses a spinning disk and a diffuser to create mist for The PatioMist fan can be mounted on a wall or can be on a carriage for portability.  Low pressure misting can be a cost-effective misting solution for low use conditions.  However, low pressure misting is not flash evaporation, so works less well in humid conditions and the mist does not cover the same area.

There are a few reasons why you should use high pressure misting systems from OZmist:

  1. Instant cooling: The flash evaporation technique absorbs large amounts of heat which results in instant cooling of the area.
  2. No wet areas: OZmist misting systems create an ultra-fine mist that evaporates instantly without any wet surfaces.
  3. Easy to install: OZmist solutions can be provided in kit form with a detailed installation guide and all the components you need to install.  If you are handy you may not need to use a specialist installer.
  4. Largest range available in Australia: OZmist fans are designed for a variety of environments.  Different locations require different cooling solutions so, for instance, spot cooling inside a large open space is different to cooling an outdoor al fresco area.  OZmist’s range can cater to specific requirements including industrial applications such as odour and dust suppression.

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Alfresco cooling

KTW outdoor misting fans


High pressure misting cooling outdoor area of a restaurant


High pressure misting using a fan in a factory