High Performance Drum Heating

A variety of options of insulated drum heater jackets from LMK Thermosafe are available dependent upon the speed of drum heating required.

  • Our standard 25 litre, 50 litre, 100 litre and 205 litre drum heaters all have a 0 – 90ºC thermostat.  Standard insulated drum jackets are made from washable coated nylon and needled polyester.  The standard 205 litre version will achieve around 2ºC – 4ºC per hour heat rise# and small jackets will achieve faster rates of heat rise.
  • Hi-heat or Hi-Power 25 litre, 50 litre, 100 litre and 205 litre drum heaters come with a 0 – 90ºC thermostat.  They are either coated nylon or silicon rubber outer surface, and custom glass cloth / stitched fibreglass inner surface.  These can achieve up to 8ºC per hour heat rise.# On higher power jackets variable thermostats up to 180ºC are optional.
  • WeatherHeat drum heaters use a proprietary seam-sealing technology to allow use of insulated heater jackets in wet and outdoor areas without additional covers. While our other jackets are IP44, WeatherHeat drum heaters are rated to IP56 and have three options of fixed thermostat: 50ºC, 70ºC or 90ºC.

Additionally, we design insulated heater jackets to meet your specific tank heating requirements.

A variety of alternative heating options are also supplied to meet other price or heating requirements:

  • Silicone band heaters provide higher density uninsulated heating which can meet budgetary constraints for a quick heat solution and are available for plastic and metal 20 – 25 litre drums and plastic and metal 205 litre drums.
  • Stainless steel heater bands for 205 litre drums provide uninsulated very high density heating which can suit some applications.
  • Base plate heaters offer the flexibility to heat drums of different sizes with the same heater, and some products respond well to heating from the bottom plate with or without insulation on the sides. These base heaters are available in 2400w for metal drums, or in 850w for metal or plastic drums.
  • Induction drum heating for 205 litre drums.  These unique electromagnetic induction drum heaters are made from custom fibreglass and are approved for general drum heating.  They are popular in high volume drum heating or for melting solids.  They can achieve up to 15ºC heat rise per hour once latent heat of fusion is reached.#
  • Our range of Hazardous Area drum heaters is also available for use in Zone 1 and  Zone 2 hazardous, potentially explosive, drum heating areas. These include, Inteliheat heater jackets as well as the Faratherm electromagnetic induction base heater and the TH induction heater.  Induction drum heating caters for any size of steel drum up  to 205 litre drum size.  Flexi-plus technology allows for the manufacture of custom sizes of jackets that meet IECEx standards.

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#Temperature rises shown are typical for organic fluids and depend on ambient temperature, air flow in vicinity, and heat capacity of the liquid. No warranty on temperature rise is given.

High performance insulated heater jackets

LMK Thermosafe HPD1 and HHD insulated heater jackets for 205 litre drums – efficient drum heating

Weatherheat Technology allows drum heating outside in the rain in complete safety

HHWD – the first weatherproof insulated drum heater

Wide silicone band heater can be used on plastic drums

Silicone band heaters available for plastic and metal drums