Hazardous Area Heating for Drums and IBC

LMK Thermosafe offers an unparalleled range of products for IECEx certified heating of drums, gas bottles, IBC and other vessels in Hazardous Areas: the classic Thermosafe (TH) electromagnetic Induction Heater, the Faratherm (FT) electromagnetic base heater, and the unique wrap around InteliHeat  and InteliHeat FlexiPlus jackets for IBC, drums, gas bottles and custom size vessels.  All are independently certified to IECEx for use in Zone 1 and 2, with the TH and FT rated to IP66, while the InteliHeat and FlexiPlus jackets  are rated to IP44.

  • The Thermosafe can be used on its own or in combination with the Faratherm to heat solids and liquids rapidly in mild steel  drums. In combination with a ‘Top Hat’ to cover the head of the drum it can also become an effective small drum oven.
  • The Faratherm can be used on its own to warm drums from 25 litres up to 205 litre in stainless steel, mild steel or plastic (the induction process transfers to a steel heating plate).
  • The InteliHeat jackets can be wrapped around stainless steel, mild steel or plastic 205 litre drums or Sch├╝tz and Mauser style bottle-in-cage IBC.
  • The InteliHeat FlexiPlus jackets can be manufactured for any size drum, gas bottle or custom tank or vessel.

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Thermosafe Brochure and Specification
Faratherm Specification Sheet
InteliHeat 205 litre Drum Heater Specification Sheet
InteliHeat IBC Heater Jacket Specification Sheet
InteliHeat FlexiPlus Small Drum Heater Jacket Specification Sheet
InteliHeat FlexiPlus Custom Heater Jacket Specification Sheet
InteliHeat FlexiPlus Gas Bottle Heater Jacket Specification Sheet

IECEx rated drum heaters from LMK Thermosafe

LMK Thermosafe manufacturers the largest IECEx drum heating range


FlexiHeat small drum jackets for IECEx

FlexiPlus jackets area available for standard small containers

IECEx certified heater jackets for any size vessel InteliHeat FlexiPlus provides IECEx certified insulated heaters to custom size tanks and drums[/caption]

FlexiHeat gas bottle heater with fixed thermostat

FlexiPlus allows IECEx zone heating of gas bottles