High Performance IBC Heating – Bottle-in-Cage, Bag-in-Box and Greasetainers

IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) heating jackets are available for use with a variety of IBC. All are made from washable coated nylon outer and custom glass cloth / stitched fibreglass inner and achieve 1 – 3ºC heat rises per hour.#

  • For composite bottle-in-cage IBC heaters can be purchased with either a -5ºC to 40ºC thermostat, or with two or three 0 – 90ºC thermostats.
  • For bag-in-box IBC heaters can be purchased in the same versions, and in addition a hi-heat model with a single thermostat.  This size of IBC heater jacket can also be used to warm 4 drums on a pallet.
  • A number of sizes are available made-to-order for Greasetainers that have pumps or gauges protruding from sides or surfaces.
  • For added effectiveness, insulated lids are also available for all options, as are heavy duty PVC covers.
  • For maintaining heat or reducing the heat loss from an already heated IBC, we also have full length insulation only jackets.

For medium viscosity product, the addition of an IBC Agitator / Mixer can speed up the rate of heating by moving the harder to heat middle contents to the outside of the mass nearer to the heat source.

In some cases the direct application of heat via an Immersion Heater can offer quick results where the product is able to absorb heat without spoiling.  The warming impact can increase when combined with an insulation only jacket. Immersion heaters are not suitable for use with solids.

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IBC Heating Brochures:

IBC Heater Jacket Specification Sheet
IBC Insulation Only Jackets Information Sheet
IBC Agitator / Mixers Specification Sheet
IBC Immersion Heater Specification Sheet

#Temperature rises shown are typical for organic fluids and depend on ambient temperature, air flow in vicinity, and heat capacity of the liquid. No warranty on temperature rise is given.

High performance IBC heater jacket

IBC Heater Jacket (IBC2) for Schutz bottle-in-cage IBC


Euromixer air operated IBC mixer

IBC Mixer / Agitator air powered with its own forklift frame clamped to IBC


Immersion Heater for IBC

Immersion heater for fast warming of liquids in winter