Consulting Services

At SBH Solutions we have the expertise to help companies determine what the best options are for their intermediate bulk handling needs. This expertise has been built up over many years so that our customers can benefit from as little as a quick assessment of options to meet their needs, or as much as a complete turnkey solution with dedicated resource for a defined period.
SBH Solutions has the network and relationships that means that it can quickly introduce appropriate people into the mix if it cannot provide the resource itself or if it does not have the necessary skills in-house.

Projects undertaken include:

  • Set up and started a liquid IBC pooling business based in South East Asia for a large Asian corporation.
  • Advised a Chinese company on the development of a range of containers suitable for the Australian market so that it might enter the market.
  • Developed the marketing plan for a company wishing to enter a niche industrial market in Australia, and followed through to implementation.
  • Developed a dry goods IBC for a customer to meet a price point so that it could make significant reductions to its materials handling costs.


So if you are dissatisfied with what you have and wonder what’s out there, talk to people with the right insights.

Note: SBH Solutions advice is not limited to the products that it supports on its web site. Advice is often given that entails sending the customer to other companies whose products or services better match the customer’s needs.